I was introduced to Hollow Jan through Studiolovo’s YouTube account where the band played two songs. I was amazed at the hardcore/screamo music that the band played because it reminded me so much of Japan’s Envy.

It’s difficult to accurately describe the band’s music from their 2006 full-length. It has tones of shoegaze and post-rock in the breakdown verses, taking time to present melodic tones of the vocals and instrumentals. Once the vocals start, it’s a barrage of tight and precise layered guitar rhythms and aggressive drumming. The vocals could be simply considered screaming, but in the best hardcore music, there is a emotional connection that can be found.

Rough Draft in Progress may be a lost album from a band that only recently got back together. It’s their only full-length with a single releasing prior. It’s not surprising if most people didn’t know of the album unless they were staunch fans of the genre.

I haven’t heard hardcore that has this specific tone and that makes it much more special. It may sound like a lot of noise for listeners who don’t enjoy thunderous music, but this band is amazing in their performance on the album.

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