3 years passed from Crying Nut‘s fifth album to 불편한 파티. The return of one of the historic Korean rock bands with 불편한 파티 was amazing.

While their original sound was a bit more punk rock, over each release their style has come to integrate other styles like polka, reggae. swing, and even a great representation of Dropkick Murphys with “만취천국.” That song may not have the same exact style, but Crying Nut present an excellent attempt. The album has 14 songs and many that have become standout songs from the band. “비둘기” is one that repeats the title along the entire song and shows how Crying Nut can create somewhat strange, but addictive tracks.

They don’t forget their origins because the core punk rock sound still defines the base of the music. I can say that each album from the band has been more impressive than the previous and 불편한 파티 proves that the break didn’t diminish any of their ability to arrange excellent songs.

Crying Nut are a historical indie band that have influenced countless other bands that are playing in South Korea today. They still have the same energy and the songs have only become stronger over time.

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