After listening to Bobby Kim‘s Heart & Soul, I immediately searched for more of this music. I think that this Special Album is my favorite release by Bobby Kim.

The reason is that the R&B and soul themes have a very somber and emotional tone through each of the nine songs. There are a couple soundtrack songs included on the album and it’s not considered one of this official album counts, but it is an amazing bundle of songs.

From the first song “MaMa” is close to one of the best Korean songs I’ve ever heard. The following songs almost reach that same emotion, but I can always listen to “MaMa.” I think that this album shows off the versatility and vocal abilities of Bobby Kim perfectly. There’s a fine line between his style and ballads, but then listening to a song like “Only You” changes my mind.

Bobby Kim continues to be an amazing artist who sings in a style that is a mixture of American-influenced soul and Korean-style arrangements.

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