CoreMagaZinE‘s EP shows off an oft-used style that reminds me more of styles from England and the United States. It has 80s new wave, 2008 US indie rock, and even some Britpop on the songs. Peep is a indie pop rock release that features a full band accented by synthesizers around the main melodies. Containing only four songs, there was a chance that CoreMagaZinE wouldn’t be able to show off their playing style with success, but Peep has a definite presence.

The majority of the lyrics are sung in English and with impressive pronunciation. Their song “Regret” definitely has a pattern that I’ve heard before from the band We Are Scientists. It’s not exactly the same style of music, but there are definite common elements in the song. It’s interesting that CoreMagaZinE have a song that reminds me of a band I haven’t listened to in years.

They return to more standard arranged pop rock with “Maybe Tomorrow,” but still retain the strong melody in the vocals and the upbeat tempo. CoreMagaZinE’s vocals have a tone that doesn’t emerge a lot from Korean indie rock with other vocalists presenting a slightly off-key range or specific delivery. The vocals are melodic and on-key to match the music that’s performed around each verse.

Peep is an excellent official debut release for CoreMagaZinE. Their style is a lot of fun to listen to and I can imagine that they will get even better with more releases.

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