Korean pop punk isn’t a very common genre to find music for. It was much easier in the early to mid-2000s to find a good amount of different styles of punk, but pop punk has always been the genre that only a few bands seemed to stick with. 2001 brought Sugar Donut‘s Spinner Jump which was their first album.

I’m a big fan of pop punk and when I found this album years ago, it have me a lot of hope that pop punk was in Korean music. The eleven song album contains all the standard elements of pop punk like songs with upbeat tempos and pseudo-ballads like “몇해지나.” Honestly, I don’t think I connected with a band so quickly because I was coming off a big American pop punk phase and Sugar Donut was a bridge between the two countries.

If pop punk is a favorite genre, Spinner Jump is one of the best albums to use as an introduction to the genre in Korea. “그림그리기” is one of the songs that showed Sugar Donut wouldn’t only focus on one style and branched out into the pop punk style to create melodic, but different playing styles.

Sugar Donut remains one of my favorite bands and Spinner Jump started it all.

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