Even though Venus Kim was tagged under “electronica” I’m not sure that I would consider her entirely to be an electonica artist. She has the same tone as Trampauline using the synth and electonica to create her instrumental tracks that she sings over.

Her voice is a little off-tone, still having a lot of melody, but not exactly meeting the perfect pitch of the notes. Exercise has a bit of an older tone to the songs, not as indie rock and more of a compliment to artists like Neon Bunny and other vocalists who use the instrumental tracks a backing songs rather than insert vocals during the breaks of measures.

Later songs on the release move away from synth and use more band arrangements and strings. Her voice is still slightly off-key, but the live band style songs show a different side to her vocals. Exercise is eight songs containing two opposing sides of music. It shows her versatility in singing over different genres of music and also shows a lot of promise to what she could record later on.

Venus Kim on Twitter.

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