Since I listened to Bobby Kim entirely out of order, it’s great to hear how he performed on older releases. follow your soul still contains Bobby Kim’s signature sound, but it’s even more apparent the influences he brings from Latin and Jazz music.

His style still skirts R&B, Blues, and Latin-infused music. Each song has its own specific sound and when the song starts, it’s easy to know that you’re listening to a Bobby Kim song. His distinct vocals shine on every song and never get repetitive. Each verse are amazing to hear because he knows how to use his slightly scratchy voice to his benefit.

Bobby Kim’s voice makes him stick out from other vocalists. Listen to “Sing Sing Sing” and it’s easy to hear how well the song is created to feature both his lyrics and the instrumentals that he sings over. There isn’t a lost song on the album and every moment is amazing.

I still haven’t heard a R&B singer who performs better than Bobby Kim. While Heart & Soul is my favorite album, follow your soul is a close second or third.

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