Based off the album cover of Non, I wasn’t aware that the band would be mixture of styles that I don’t normally listen to. The honesty in the music is what makes it interesting to hear and I was happy that the band was willing to answer some questions.

Can you introduce Non?

안녕하세요, 저희는 올해 4월 데뷔앨범 sound of non 을 발표한 삼인조 록밴드 논 입니다.

Hello there! We are a trio rock band called Non and we released our debut album, Sound of Non, in April this year.

Can you describe your music?

저희 음악은 기본적으로는 록뮤직이라고 생각하지만 딱히 어떤 틀을 잡아두진 않고 그때그때 하고싶은대로 자유롭게 하는 음악이라 말드리고 싶네요.

Essentially, we’d say our genre is rock, but we do not want to be confined in a genre — we want to keep liberally experimenting with music.

How did the sound of Non come together? It sounds like a mixture of different styles that isn’t common in Korean indie?

처음 맴버 둘이서 (기타 김호윤, 베이스 정주영) 앨범을 만들기로 했을때 맴버들이 예전에 써놓았던 곡들을 추려서 장르에 관계없이 앨범에 넣기로 하였습니다. 그러다보니 다양한 스타일의 곡들이 실리게 되었구요

When guitarist Hoyoon Kim and Bassist Jooyoung Chung decided to make an album, they’ve organized and selected songs that we wrote and thought we should put music without thinking too much of genre. I think that is the reason why we have a diverse style of music.

What does the band think about international listeners becoming interested in Korean music that’s not Kpop?

한국에도 주류인 Kpop외에 다른좋은 음악들이많이있구요. 사운드의 질감이나 다양성에 있어서 최근들어 많이 발전했다고 생각합니다. 특히 전통음악은 외국인들게 매우 강한 인상을 심어줄거라 생각합니다.

We were always fond of music that were less like Kpop. We feel that we keep maturing as musicians, but even more recently in terms of sound and range of style. Especially the interpretation of traditional music would leave a strong impression to foreigners.

Are there any big shows that Non wants to play internationally?

물론이죠. 글레스턴베리 같은 큰 공연뿐 아니라 작은 클럽에서도 규모를 떠나 다른나라에서 공연한다는거 자체가 흥미로운 일이라 생각됩니다

Of coures! It’s definitely not the matter of scale like the Glastonbury Festival vs. small local club. Performing somewhere outside of Korea would be a very interesting and fun experience.

What bands influence Non?

The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, etc.. 입니다

What is your dream tour?

국내투어에서 부터 세계곳곳으로, 기회가 된다면 많은 곳에서 연주하면 좋지요.

Touring from Korea and around world would definitely be awesome.

Non are definitely exploring a different style of music apart from the other bands in Korea. It’s worth listening to them because it gives another window into the ever growing list of genres that are played.

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