It’s difficult to consider whether you could consider Simon D to be an indie artist with his work outside of Supreme Team and his variety show appearances. He’s still an impressive hip-hop artist with a distinct rhyming style that contains a bit of cockiness.

But his official album, Simon Domonic Presents: “SNL League Begins” is a step away from his work in Supreme Team and an exploration of different styles of songs. There is a definite theme on the songs with a strong focus on the beats. His verse delivery is notable because he has a lot of control over syllables when he either follows the beat or uses off-beats.

Following the standard, Simon D’s album also contains guest artists like Dynamic Duo and Zion T. His songs do speak slightly to a more pop-friendly sound, but the content of the songs like in “Cheerz” is a little more mature.

Simon D has always had good delivery and his solo album really allowed him to explore different styles.

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