I didn’t expect so many synth-pop indie rock bands to start emerging from Korean indie. Ann is another band who uses synth effects in their songs which already sound like indie pop with upbeat tempos and an interesting focus on melody.

There is also a similarity to Peterpan Complex‘s fifth album, but the album mainly reminds me of an the old style that was used in the early 2000s in American indie rock. The use of synth isn’t anything new in Ann’s album and the music is pretty standard for the style they’re playing.

It’s funny to listen to the album because it sounds so sugary in all the songs. I could even say that many of the songs have an OST feel to them. By the end of the release, the style is a little tired. It’s a solid set of songs, but they all sound similar by end.

Ann have the synth-pop style in lock, but there are a lot of places for experimentation.

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