When described as “samba-based indie rock,” I never expect the first song, “화분 쌈바,” to announced the term so much. With 화분, there’s a definite similarity to the acoustic styles of Ukulele Picnic and other band who delve in lighter music.

화분 is different though, because the trio focuses their time on creating polyrhythms in each song. The main melodic instrument is the acoustic guitar and then the female vocals surrounded by other percussion instruments. It’s a considerably lighter album to listen to if you’re coming from any full band release.

There is a lo-fi recording style that improves the presentation of the music. Recorded as a full band rather than individually recording each part, that gives the album a stronger organic sound and has a level of unpredictability. The music is very like a mixture of samba rhythms combined with jazz influences which is seen a lot during instrumental songs.

Listening to 화분 is best accented during a lazy morning or when it’s raining because the theme of the album is very light and melodic accented by the simplicity of the music. It’s a great first album for this young band. With more time to develop, the band could explore different sounds and present a stronger sound while retaining their core style.

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