Having only heard a couple of their songs and bits of music videos, I enjoyed the melodic upbeat rock style that The Solutions played. In their full-length, it’s possible to hear a more developed and structured sound.

The Solutions is an example of a band who took influence from a lot of bands and put that into their music. From the first song “Sounds of the Universe” there’s a mixture of slower The Koxx and elements of Japan’s The Hiatus and Art-School. The song doesn’t copy styles from the Japanese bands, but there are similar sounds in the melodies and instrumentals.

“Talk, Dance, Party for Love” combines The Koxx and Glen Check for a slightly electro-pop rock song. “Lines” takes cues from another Japanese band, The Pillows. “Silence” has a direct line to vocal delivery to The Beatles and Oasis. Those are some of the first songs on the album. Strangely even with all the similarities, the album is a lot of fun to listen to. There isn’t a song that should be skipped and each song is expertly constructed.

The album is a collection of great songs that show influence from other bands, but the core sound of The Solutions being a mix of other similar bands is the sum of the greatest parts of those other bands. If anything, The Solutions is a very commercially viable album because of the association that it can have with other bands.

It’s a worthwhile listen from talented songwriters.

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