“Villain” is the song that starts Achime‘s Overcome and it is the biggest subterfuge for the start of an album. The song is acoustic indie pop, almost sounding like a cousin to 10cm. It’s a short introduction to the album.

The second song, “Overcome” is a lot more the core style. Mixing synthesizers with indie pop rock isn’t new, but Achime take a different route when using synth on their songs.

I wouldn’t call it the same style as Glen Check, but there are slight style similarities to The Koxx, especially on “02시 무지개.” Achime decide to change things on “DOH!” which is much more pop rock than the original style introduced in Overcome.

The band create a lot of fun, upbeat songs that have an addictive sound to them. Even though Overcome starts with a misleading song, There is a definite journey when listening through the album. The combination of old and new styles mixed together is a lot of fun and leads to addictive songs.

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