The first song on Mercy gives the impression that Mamalady are going to be a psychedelic rock band that uses a lot of effects in their music. “Bad Scran to You” portrays the band as one that could make potentially addictive or really confusing music. The introduction track doesn’t really give an accurate portrayal though.

“I’m afraid” is the second song and pushes a similar but much more grrl rock style of sound. It has a tone that matches parts of JuckJuck GRUNZIE‘s Soundchecking EP. The music on this track combines what sounds like industrial samples on top of the instrumentals making it a little difficult to get a sense of what’s going on in the music.

But as the album continues, Mamalady finally settle into a groove-heavy alternative rock style that continues through the rest of the album. It’s less confusing and more focused on creating powerful verses.

The vocals on Mercy push that image of riot grrl rock even more because it’s slightly aggressive. Even though the album does contain an older sound, Mamalady released some really great rock music.

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