Belle Epoque is one of the earliest Korean indie bands I ever heard. It was during the time when I was devouring as much music as possible. The band play a female-fronted light melodic and indie pop style that many other musicians played when 일요일들 released in 2008.

The music is laid-back even though there is a brilliant arrangement on each song. Many of the tracks sound like soundtrack songs that could fit a number of films. Vocals in Belle Epoque are the core of the sound because it creates the atmosphere on every song. From indie pop to jazz-influenced songs, the vocals fit every moment.

The best moments from Belle Epoque is when they are allowed to present their slower ballad tracks. While not ballad in arrangement, the slower tempos allow for a deeper and more complex statement that isn’t heard as much in the faster songs.

As an older indie album, you get to hear an older sound that isn’t as common with many bands. It’s one of the best “classic” indie albums from the time when Donawhale, Bluedawn, and Yozoh were prominent.

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