As someone who’s a big fan of Rimi, it’s strange to hear her present herself as Nam Soo-Rim and present an entirely different hip-hop presence. Her older style was very aggressive with hard beats and biting rhymes, but Drive Me to the Moon is much simpler.

The instrumentals are simple using what sounds like a live drum set, guitar, and bass and just adding extra synth elements to add a little dimension to the songs. Her vocal delivery still has the same presence as before, but there’s definitely a different tone. Her vocals, by themselves, are much more melodic and upbeat than before.

As a EP, this re-imaging of herself is strange to listen to after her album and mixtapes. It also shows a definite purposeful change in style. It has a new openness because it is a bit more commercial. She slows down all the tempos and allows the music to flow and take the time to deliver each verse.

The new pop sound of Nam Soo-Rim is a change, but still retains the core sound of Rimi, just presented in a new way.

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