Mot is another significant band in Korean indie band. Along with bands who showed that indie bands were experimenting with different genres, Mot is the perfect example of an alternative rock band that mixes amazing vocals with almost disturbingly great song arrangements.

If exploring the indie rock genre for the first time, this is the band that has to be listening to early on. Non-Linear is an album that doesn’t have anything that sounds close expect possibly eAeon‘s Guilt-Free, which is actually the lead singer for Mot.

The darker and atmospheric music that Mot created on Non-Linear is a combination of lots of elements, from synth and lots of programmed beats to live band elements. There isn’t another indie band that Mot can really be compared to because their songs are instantly recognizable.

“What of a Wonderful World” may be a cover, but it has been really transformed into their style. Mired in slower beats, each song feels a lot longer than it actually is, but the feeling of dragging doesn’t exist. It’s a complex album that requires a lot of repeat listens and even then, there are elements that you won’t notice until the next listen.

Mot is a band that proves Korean indie bands can create incredible songs taking influences from a lot of different sources, but result in their own individual sound.

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