While I listen to singer-songwriters who use guitar and piano as the primary instruments, the mellow nature of songs makes it difficult to get interested in the music all the time. Coffee Boy plays an extremely mellow indie pop style.

Almost minimal at times, 기다림 really focuses on the vocals to present each song and the additional of percussion and other instruments is very subtle. It’s hard to even point to a standout song because of how “lazy” each beat is. Even the full band songs only sound like extensions of the core style and it’s a nice change, but doesn’t really sound that much different from the more solo sounding tracks.

There are a lot of people who will enjoy this type of music because of the mellow indie pop that is presented, but for people wanting a more aggressive or alternative sound won’t find it. The songs are essentially a mixture of ballad vocals and mellow, melodic pop.

I can appreciate the work that goes into each song, but Coffee Boy really isn’t the band for me. But as a connection between popular ballad songs and indie pop, Coffee Boy is perfect.

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