Naru is an artist that I listened to very briefly and didn’t really appreciate the music that he created. It was probably during the time where I preferred more hardcore or aggressive rock music. Returning to 자가당착, I get a second appreciation for the music that Naru created on his first full-length.

It’s a combination of indie pop rock and some singer-songwriter style acoustic songs. The thirteen song album is expertly mixed and arranged with different songs presenting a slightly different style. “우주인” is a pop rock song that carries a Weezer presentation, but “좋은 날” is much more melodic rock with a higher polish on the recording.

Even though 자가당착 uses a lot of the same core elements to create the songs, it’s an amazing album to listen to because it contains has a lot of fun songs. It doesn’t have the experimental style that other artists were going towards, but the solid songs and production make the album worth listening to even after it’s 2008 release.

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