I’ve become a big fan of The Electric Eels through listening to their two EPs. When I interviewed them, they mentioned that they wanted to record and release their first full-length. 최고의 연애 is that release which features 12 songs of re-recorded and newly written songs.

The music is still the recognizable indie rock that doesn’t have any real new changes to the style. But like their previous releases, the honest sound that emerges from each of their songs is a lot of fun to listen to. Each song, even the re-recorded single “”송곳니,” contains the same upbeat sound from before.

They are able to create a better overall presence with more songs and present other tempos on songs like “별똥별.” If you’ve heard their other releases, 최고의 연애 features better production on the recording and mixing. But as a younger band, they have found a style that can speak to a lot of different fans of different genres. It may be “more of the same” when it comes to indie rock, but The Electric Eels’ influences in their music make it a welcome return.

The band found a distinct style that reminds me of many previous bands, but their presentation of the music is very well done.

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