Casker is one of those bands that I either really enjoy listening to specific songs or don’t find a lot of interest in. It’s not that their electro-pop style isn’t good, their music was always reintroduced when I had no interest in the genre. With many bands using electronica or synth to accent their music, it’s strange to listen to Casker again after their 2010 album.

Described as jazz lounge or downtempo, the duo in Casker create melodic instrumentals that both sing over. The 12 song album features their signature style which has a lot of empty verses and bridges between vocals. When described as downtempo, a good portion of the songs follow that style, but they do get a bit more energetic with “Wonderful.”

I think that 여정 is a mood-specific album to listen to because it’s very well produced and orchestrated, but it doesn’t have the “any time of the day” feel. Fans of Casker will definitely enjoy listening to 여정 because it’s a sign that the band still creates great music. The only problem is that for people who aren’t strict fans of the genre may just pass the album by.

여정 is worth listening to for anyone who’s heard of Casker, but it may not be the most interesting album you’ve heard this year.

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