Swings is a prolific hip-hop artist. From his many collaborations with a lot of other Korean hip-hop artists, his own albums have a distinctive style. Depending on the song and backing instrumental, Swings’ style and performance can change a lot.

His rhyme style is very tied to the beat of the song he’s using, but he follows the beat and keeps a consistent flow of the lyrics. It doesn’t sound like he ventures into the subdivisions of beats often, sticking with the beat and eighth notes. Even though he doesn’t delivery rhymes with speed like other artists, he still has a presence on the songs.

Punchline King III
‘s early songs are more melodic and laid back, but the center of the album introduces deeper bass lines and a harder sounds on a similar levels as Dok2‘s Hustle Real Hard. There are similar elements between the two artists, and complement each other.

If you like the more urban style of hip-hop, Swings is the prefect artist.

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