Moving backwards through LeeSsang‘s albums, it’s interesting to hear the changes in style. They really changed dramatically over their seventh and eighth album, and Hexagonal was actually the first LeeSsang album I listened to as a full-length and not singles.

There are some standout singles on Hexagonal like the duo’s collaboration with Jiang Kiha & The Faces. Using a live band to create their instrumental backing track while they delivered their verses isn’t anything new, but it showed the duo could apply their style to a lot of different genres.

The album has some of their biggest singles and a good amount of guest artists. There is a definite melancholy as a theme on the album because the themes of each song. It’s impressive to see LeeSsang go from working with Lucid Fall to performing on a song with Bizzy. They are able to work with any genre of music as their foundation.

LeeSsang have always been an impressive duo. Each album is a step in new directions and they are able to sound natural on any song they record.

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