Lucia is an interesting singer because she doesn’t have a lot of personal work. She released an album with Epitone Project called 자기만의 방, but it wasn’t really entirely her own work and provided vocals on other songs. Décalcomanie is a release from Lucia that shows off her impressive vocals over ten songs.

I’m not sure how fluent Lucia is in English, but on “I can’t fly,”Lucia shows off some impressive vocals not heard on her other work. The album bounces from ballad to pop rock. The slower tempos allow her to flex her vocals and show her range. There are still hints of her previous guest spots like on “필로소피” and it’s great to hear her be able to show off her skills.

With ten songs, Lucia can really present herself as a strong vocalist that hasn’t been present before. Even though the song styles are generally more commercial and focus on ballads, she is able to keep attention on herself because of the strength of her voice. It’s great to hear a vocalist with a powerful voice who can manipulate it to her needs on any song she’s presented.

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