Going all the way to Monni‘s debut with One Day, Light after not listening to the band for at least 6 months, it’s like discovering them all over again. Their first album has an honestly and simplicity that I haven’t heard for a band that plays melodic pop rock. It sometimes borders on early Peterpan Complex, but the band maintain an individual sound.

With 12 songs, they are able to hit a lot of high notes in their songs. The mixture of forward pop songs set with melodic ballads give the band a good depth that can be appreciated by a lot of different fans. One Day, Light is smart in that it doesn’t keep presenting the same type of song over and over. The flow of the album is perfect for a debut because it showed that Monni are capable of being comfortable playing with melodies.

But even with their talents, if you’re looking for a stronger variety it doesn’t really exist with Monni. They decided on a particular style and stuck with it on One Day, Light. It doesn’t make them any less great, but it’s something to realize when listening through the debut.

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