As a four song EP, Labor in Vain is a short sample of Linus’ Blanket‘s sound. A different presentation from their showtune and jazz sound, it’s more indie pop that uses high pitched melodic instruments. There are the elements of their more current style, but they don’t have the same push.

The single, “Labor in Vain,” is a quiet song that carries a theme that makes it perfect for a lazy afternoon with a slow tempo, a cool and easy vocal performance, and melodies carried by percussion and more uncommon instruments with guitar interjecting at smaller moments.

“Walk” has the most indie rock sound of all the songs and even that doesn’t have a strong indie theme. It’s a quick song that only features a couple verses and chorus before ending. Labor in Vain is a short release, possibly recorded to show some songs that they were experimenting with. It ends with a reprise of “Labor in Vain” focusing on an a capella and acoustic tone.

The EP is a strange release that may confuse people who have never heard of Linus’ Blanket which isn’t bad, but there are stronger songs on the band’s other releases.

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