Snap is the only album from Plastic People that I’ve heard. The low-fi indie rock sound of the band comes through on the first song featuring dual male and female vocals. The slower and easy tempo makes it very easy to get drawn into the sound of the band.

Some of the influences of the songs come from 50s American do-wop and surf rock sounds. Songs present simple melodic and light sound with the separate elements combining really well. There isn’t moment where the light nature of the songs doesn’t come through and in a way that can be the only issue with the band.

The arrangements of the song are very similar and Plastic People don’t experiment a lot with existing styles. They play their songs very well, but anyone looking for a variety of sound may get a little disappointed listening to Snap.

Though if a more indie pop album is something you’ve been looking for, Plastic People is a good band to start with.

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