After 자가당착 and participating on compilation albums, Naru returned with Yet in 2010. The first song, “키,” presents a strong electronica and pop mixture opposed to his previous more indie pop rock style. The album does have a strong electro-pop style as many of the songs use various samples.

The melodies in Naru’s music remain the same though, the songs are strong in how each sample or instrument affects the overall sound of each song. Thankfully, Naru doesn’t only focus on electro-pop and still presents songs with his previous melodic pop rock style. There is a definite change in the instrumentation though because even though the band is the core of the sound in the songs, electro-pop and synth elements show themselves a lot.

Naru’s transition from melodic pop rock to experimenting with electronica and synth actually sounds very natural. In some ways, it was the expected progression for the music he played. Yet isn’t a complete switch though and he continues to present some great older music on the album.

Naru is one of those special musicians that most people miss, but they create amazing music.

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