Big Phony‘s 2008 album Straight to Bootleg Volume 1 is fifteen more songs by the singer-songwriter. His style remains largely unchanged and continues to craft amazing acoustic songs. With this album, I’m not sure if the name is a trick or not, but the album isn’t as bootleg as it claims.

Big Phony continues making his acoustic gems bridging Americana and indie together to create really interesting songs. Unlike other American-based singer-songwriters, Big Phony presents his songs with a simple honestly. Each song connects the album together and while it could have sounded like the album would have a lot of repetition, each track sounds distinct.

His voice carries a strong melody that helps each song remain really interesting to listen to. The album moves very quickly even though the large amount of songs and it’s over before you realize it. Big Phony’s second album has the same power that his debut did and it’s amazing to hear that his style didn’t necessarily need to change.

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