Standing Egg‘s first full-length With isn’t the first album from the band that I heard, that went to Like. Their first album, released in 2010, has a lot of the melodic indie pop elements that I like in the genre.

On the surface, it sounds very simple and seamless as the different instruments overlap and create multiple melodies. The songs change in tempo and grooves while keeping the same core laid back feeling on the songs. The center word on With is “melody” because every song sounds perfectly in tune between each instrument and vocal delivery.

The piano plays a big part in their music and even when it’s not the primary instrument on some songs, on “Hide & Seek” which is a jazz-influenced song the piano is the main focus besides the vocals along with guest Ko Hyun Wook. The beginning of the album carries most of the momentum which is lost to slower more ballad type songs in last portion of the album. They’re good songs, but stack on each other, weighing down the end of With.

Standing Egg’s first album is very good, best heard in multiple sittings because of the heavy back end to the album.

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