End of October Immortal Song 2 celebrated the music of rock icon Shin Joong Hyun with two episodes. Making these episodes extra special was the return of all the Immortal Song 2 favorites: Sweet Sorrow, 4Men‘s Shin Yong Jae, Ali, Kim Tae Woo, Ailee, No Brain, Sistar’s Hyorin, Brown Eyed Soul’s Kim Sung Hoon, Lyn, Jay Park, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung and Super Junior’s Ryeowook.



Ailee started the show with her own version of Kim Wan Sun’s “리듬속에 그춤을” (A Dance in the Rhythm). With just amounts of sequin and flair, she was able to entertain the audience with her fun arrangement.



Kang Min Kyung performed next with Lee Jeong Hwa’s “꽃잎” (Flower Petal). Her jazzy cover however, was not able to beat Ailee’s score of 308.



Super Junior’s Ryeowook took the stage and performed Jang Hyun’s “나는 너를” (I you). Despite it being a tender song, Ryeowook had a team of back dancers giving the performance a very unique vibe.



Next to challenge Ailee was Brown Eyed Soul’s Kim Sung Hoon who did a stunning, bare foot cover of the Pearls Sisters’ “님아” (Dear You). With the support of a strong all male choir, Sung Hoon played his way into victory beating Ailee with a score of 321.



No Brain rocked the house upside down with a musical spin on Kim Choo Ja’s “월남에서 돌아온 김상사” (Kim Sang Sa’s return to Whul Nam). Featuring Rose Motel’s Yook Jong Wan and Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee, No Brain not only gave a thrilling performance but a story that fit well with the song.



The last performer of the first episode was Kim Tae Woo who sang Lee Sun Hee’s “아름다운 강산” (Beautiful Land). Kim Tae Woo’s strong vocal performance was able to carry the message of the song lyrics perfectly all the while captivating the audience. Beating No Brain, Kim Tae Woo became the winner of the first half of this episode!



Part two kicked off with Shin Yong Jae singing a dramatic rendition of Lee Jeong Hwa’s “봄비” (Spring Rain). As always, Shin Yong Jae’s strong vocals carried this tune  making it a moving performance. He was able to beat part one winner Kim Tae Woo with a score of 407.



Up came Immortal Song 2 mascot, Ali to face off against Shin Yong Jae. She covered what is undoubtedly Shin Joong Hyun’s most popular song “미인” (Beautiful Woman). Despite having the disadvantage of covering a song that’s been covered so many times before, Ali was able to truly make the song her own. With a samulnori team and special guest Show Me the Money winner MC Loco, Ali was able to combine a variety of genres in her performance. However it wasn’t enough to beat Shin Yong Jae.



Jay Park did a slow r&b version of Add4‘s “빗속의 여인” (Woman in the Rain) that captivated the audience. The smooth dance break and rap made it a Jay Park-esque performance but again was unable to beat Shin Yong Jae.



Immortal Song 2‘s original diva, Hyorin of Sistar was next who sang a cover of Shin Joong Hyun’s “커피 한잔” (A Cup of Coffee). She easily stole the spotlight with the talented skills of not just her voice but her dance ability. Hyorin’s performance was able to finally beat Shin Yong Jae with a score of 409.



Next Lyn brought out all the stops to give an energetic performance of Kim Jung Mi’s “간다고 하지 마오” (Say You Won’t Go). Her sexy side definitely showed with the incredible funky arrangement of the song but still wasn’t able to beat Hyorin.



Last but certainly not least was Sweet Sorrow who sang Kim Choo Ja’s “거짓말이야” (It’s a Lie). Their beautiful harmonies were on point and their moving stage presence was enough to beat Hyorin. Sweet Sorrow became the King of Kings of the Immortal Song 2 Shin Joong Hyun Special with a score of 413 votes!