Mimi Sisters originally worked as back-up singers. Their debut EP took them from the background to the front as dual vocalists singing over a 50s pop rock style. Very much entrenched in a mixture of 50s rock and current rock styles from the various guests like Lowdown30 and Crying Nut, Mimi Sisters transform to fit the music.

Their vocals aren’t entirely melodic, but contain a DIY rawness that’s addictive to listen to. The 8 song EP contain six actual songs with two as filler, but the standout track has to be “대답해주오” featuring Lowdown 30. It has the core of the sound of Lowdown 30 while allowing Mimi Sisters to make their statement over the music. It’s a collaboration between two groups.

“미미” featuring Crying Nut has their signature punk/polka sound highlighted with the accordion, but the duo are still able to make the song their own. It’s a great impression to make, that they can manipulate themselves to match the music so well. As of late, Mimi Sisters haven’t released anything else of their own, but they record interesting music.

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