Fiction & Other Realities is Big Phony‘s first album. It’s interesting to listen to Kicking Punching Bags first and then listen to his actual first album.

The singer-songwriter style is very present on the album. Sung in English, it has a more American-style to the music rather than any indie rock in Korea. Fans of the genre will could get confused that this is an indie artist from the US and it’s an accurate description.

Containing ten songs, his style mixes the sounds of Elliott Smith and there are elements of David Bazan and Pedro the Lion. This style focuses on the guitar and his voice, but adds other elements to create different tones and themes in the music. It’s overall a melancholy album.

If the singer-songwriter style is one you enjoy, Fiction & Other Realities is a great album. It’s not as centered in Korean indie music, but brings a style from the United States into the ears of Korean listeners. Released in 2005, the album could be considered timeless because it doesn’t sound aged at all.

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