I don’t know much about the history of Tea Party because I stumbled on the album randomly some time ago. Teapartism is a pop rock/pop punk album with 13 songs all containing a lot of fun energy. The release of the album was 2009 so it wasn’t so long ago that the band recorded the album.

The music is reminiscent of Crying Nut as the main influence. It’s slightly raw in the recording with the vocals not hitting each note with the right melody. But that garage sound is one of the big elements of Tea Party. They sound like a young band or it wouldn’t surprise me if Tea Party was a project band.

“웰컴투 토투가!” has a sound that’s like a faster 90s era Rancid and other American punk bands of that time. It’s a lot of fun to listen to if you’ve been missing straightforward pop punk in Korea. It would be interesting to see what happened to the band after they released this first album.

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