Unlike Straight to Bootleg Volume 1, Straight to Bootleg Volume 2 actually proves to be more of a unofficial release because it features 6 songs all labeled as demos. But even though they are marked as demos, the songs still have the same energy and brilliance as officially recorded songs.

Straight to Bootleg Volume 2 is a bit simpler in sound than the other albums because it sounds like there are less effects in the music. On “Before You Can Leave Me” the other accompanying instrument is a piano, adding a different sound to the song from his other tracks. His signature acoustic style still exists on all the songs.

“Waiting on a Breeze” is my favorite song on the release because it has a simple yet complex melody that weaves through Big Phony’s voice and the guitar. There aren’t many surprises on the release, but Big Phony’s style remains addictive to listen to for fans of the genre.

It may be more of the same, but when the same is so strong, it’s worth to listen to.

Song from Kicking Punching Bags

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