Listening to PIGIBIT5 is like listening to a band who is focused on experimentation. The first song “Beauty Tamura Theme” makes it sound like the album is going to be laid back. Then the second song “Country Song” starts and you are thrown a upbeat, fast tempo indie rock song.

If there’s one thing PIGIBIT5’s has, then it’s a large amount of energy to make songs that are fun to listen to. The style of the band is kind of off-sync indie rock where the music sounds a lot more organic and recorded in the moment. While the recording could have been done very precisely, the result sounds like the band just had fun recording music.

“Nancy” has an alt-country style which is contrary to “Speedoguy #2” which has a melodic noise punk rock style. The album reaches out in a lot of different directions and that could make it difficult to understand all the different songs, but on Cherryboy Revolution it actually makes everything more cohesive.

Honestly, expect to be puzzled on the first listen to PIGIBIT5. It’s a different album to listen to, but has a lot of great songs.

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