In mid-November, I took a trip to Seoul, South Korea for vacation. Prior to leaving, I thought it would be interesting to film as much as possible and create a mini-documentary about the music that I would be seeing in Hongdae. The area of Hongdae is where most of the live venues are like Club FF, GOGOS and GOGOS2, Club Freebird, Salon Badabie, Prism Hall, V-Hall, and more.

In the same area as Hongik University, people come out and eat, drink, and generally stay out until the early hours of the morning. During the weekends, there are shows at all the clubs.

This is my first attempt at creating a mini-documentary and while I’ve made interview videos, this is something entirely different. With a planned release in late December or early January, In Hongdae: Indie Music in Seoul is my experience during two weeks experiencing music.

Bands like Crying Nut, Yellow Monsters, Monkeyz, Midnight Smokin’ Drive, Galaxy Express, and others will make appearances and I hope you enjoy seeing the life and music in this one area of Seoul.

– Chris