The third album from Galaxy Express comes after three singles. It’s been a while since the band released an entire new album and the singles gave a slight hint of their evolving sound. The self-titled album is definitely a progression for the band, whether it be improved recording and mixing of the album or the addition of different styles of songs.

While Noise on Fire or Wild Days featured lots of great garage rock songs, Galaxy Express show off a more melodic side in the latter half of the album. But even with these new songs, it gives the band more depth and contrast from their usual, but energetic rock songs.

It sounds like the band had the time to really work on this set of songs, spending time to develop each guitar chord or drum beat. Galaxy Express doesn’t have the wild abandon that the first two albums had, but the newest album presents itself as much more developed and impressive.

A couple songs from their trio of singles are included on the album and the ten songs are amazing. Galaxy Express have evolved forward, making the band one of the best in Korean indie music right now.

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