Eastern Sidekick have one of the best names for a band I’ve heard recently. Their album, The First, made me curious after hearing some live songs. The difference from live shows to the album is kind of big. The album sounds a little too clean for the style of the band.

The vocals in particular sound like they were cleaned and removed a lot of the grittiness of Eastern Sidekick. It doesn’t dampen the impressive songs from the band and their indie, garage rock style. But again, it makes me wonder if the recording of the album is covering the real sound of the band.

Almost every guitar strum sounds too clean for the song it’s on and the vocals have a strained sound to them. The vocals are really god, but there is something “off” about them when listening.

Eastern Sidekick mix their indie rock occasionally with blues and funk elements giving the songs variety. It keeps the album moving forward. Even though the album has 11 songs, it feels like the album is over too quick and leaves you wanting to hear more.

As their first full-length, Eastern Sidekick produced a great album.

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