I stumbled on The Lads while watching a show during a visit to Hongdae in Seoul. The band looked like a 4 piece consisting of high schoolers. I didn’t expect a lot from the band before they went on stage, but once they started playing, I was hooked

The Lads play an indie plus British rock mixture. Every song contains a great snark attitude, helping to push the music forward. With only a demo, The Lads recorded three songs. “The Best Thing of This Night” is the lead song and introduces the band really well in their style.

The band have a lot of similar sounds from the 1950s surf and early rock on their second song, “Baby Don’t Kill Me Now” Instantly addictive, the structure of the song is really simple, but the melody is well constructed. It serves as a good contrast from the first song.

“My Dear” is the last song on the single and continues the style of “Don’t Kill Me Now.” It’s the most do-wop style song and could easily fit for the time period. “My Dear” isn’t the strongest song out of the three, but is still fun to listen to.

The Lads are a young band and it sounds like they have found their style of music. It will be interesting to hear what the band releases next as they continue to make music.

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