1/10 is a 4 song single and presents a toned down version of the indie rock band. Each song is a slower, ballad, or meandering song rather than the upbeat songs they usually play. Broccoli, You Too? really show another side of the band with these slower songs.

But with these songs, it’s harder to get into the music and the single feels longer than it is. The songs still feature the full band, but focus a lot of melodies and vocals that almost sound like a whisper. Fans of Broccoli, You Too? will find a nice change on 1/10, but those expecting their normal sound might be disappointed.

They also start presenting a indie ballad pop style that never quite moves from the beat and sounds late sometimes. If there’s anything to describe the single, it’s that it never gets engaging and starts sounding like background music.

Broccoli, You Too? make excellent and engaging songs, but 1/10 feels like the band took a break to try new things and weren’t entirely successful. The songs are good, but not great.

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