from 잔향 is an interesting single to listen to. With five songs, the first “향” is like a mix between a blues song and Radiohead. The guitar has a different tone to the vocals and the mix makes it immediately interesting. With only five songs, 잔향 doesn’t have a lot of time to present their music, but they do show off a good mix.

There is a definite British influence in the music and the 2003 release of 섬 could have been influenced by earlier albums. The tempo on the single goes between moderate and slow songs, the music moving from genre to genre. It makes it difficult to really describe the sound of 잔향 because they move on every song.

“노을” is the slow song and the melodies are a contrast from the other songs which feature a lot of distortion on the guitar while “노을” has a cleaner guitar sound. The style of 잔향 fits a lot of current bands and sounds like a precursor to the ambient rock style that bands are starting to consistently play.

잔향 is a historical band with only the single and one full-length, but they created some interesting music.

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