I knew nothing about Park Soyu so when I saw the album cover and it was described as indie pop and indie rock, I was skeptical. Even with the association of 김종완 of Nell on “널 불러보는 말” sounded more like a way to sell the EP.

park soyu lonely planet

Once I started listening to the EP though, the proper description in indie pop. Amazing indie pop. The music on Lonely Planet reminds me of 2005’s group of female solo vocalists releasing albums. The title single “OHEYO” is the best example, complete with a sample of a mewing cat which scared me at first.

The instrumentals on the EP are a mixture of samples and created beats and a live band. Her voice fits both styles with ease and Lonely Planet is just a fun release to listen to. It has a light and upbeat tone especially on “(Danse) With Me.” And the song “Destroy the World” has a sugar-pop feel to it while becoming semi-serious in the chorus. It’s almost a tongue-in-cheek song when you listen to it.

Park Soyu goes through a lot of different styles on Lonely Planet and somehow it doesn’t feel random. Her voice is a pleasure to listen to and the release is a lot of fun.

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