Soon after sending my interview questions to From the Airport, the duo announced that their new single Everyone’s All Right would be released soon.

From the Airport were nice enough to give me an early listen to the two new songs and they have stepped up with these new songs.

from the airport everyone's all right

I think “Colors” is an amazing song and “Everyone’s All Right” is the successor to the original single. The electro-pop-rock sound continues with amazing melodies and arrangements with the moving from a strict electro-pop sound to the chorus that brings the addictive melody forward.

It’s the perfect connection between the two releases. While the song only has a three and a half minute length, it feels much longer. It has an orchestral feel because of all the different elements merging together. Fans of electronica-fused rock will really enjoy the song.

“Raining” is a different type of song. Using more ambiance in the melody and a slower tempo, Raining is a turn into different territory. The song retains the excellent arrangements that From the Airport create, but presents a different side and shows the duo’s range in creating music. I really enjoyed the difference between the two songs because they have different and separate distinct tones.

Both Colors and Everyone’s All Right are great singles. This second release by From the Airport is a step above Colors, which I didn’t think was possible.

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