Acoustic singer-songwriter music is a style that I enjoy a lot, but it depends a lot on the capabilities in the voice of the singer. YUMI‘s voice is melodic while having a slightly earthy tone to her singing. She does sound like she has a good range in her voice and is choosing particular vocals per song.

yumi between you and me

The four song single doesn’t give a lot of room to present her sound, but the second song “Undo” features a full band. It greatly expands her sound allowing the instruments to border her vocals. The song is also a mixture of Korean and English, giving the different accents on the language being used.

Between you and me‘s overall tone is slightly overlapping acoustic and indie rock. In slight ways, her music sounds a little aged already, but where YUMI excels is that she doesn’t use falsetto on her songs or try to approach a song from a “cute” image.

YUMI’s single holds a lot of hope for more interesting music. Between you and me sounds like she’s only touching the surface of what she’s capable of doing.

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