Fanstastic Drugstore is another band that was recommended to me and I finally got around to listening the This is Nothing. The EP contains five songs, but the first “This is Nothing” is only an introduction song.

This is Nothing gets started with “만나줄래.”

fantastic drugstore this is nothing

Presenting a high energy rock style, Fantastic Drugstore has a fast tempo and intricate sound. The two guitars layer and show off complex guitar playing from the lead guitar. The two guitars have a technical sound that makes the music of Fantastic Drugstore really interesting to listen to. There is a similarity to 24Hours in the arrangements of the songs during the verses while the chorus is more customary melodic rock.

Each of the band’s songs are well crafted and a lot of fun to hear. The band does have a more technical style than other bands, but focus on creating songs that are distinct. Each song on This is Nothing sound independent while keeping a consistent theme. Their music fits in with a lot of newer bands who use the lead guitar to create individual tones on the songs.

Fantastic Drugstore have four great songs on the EP and their melodic rock is a lot of fun to listen to. There may be some British rock influence in their music, but their style is very much their own.

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