I’ve listened to a little Ravie Nuage before and it was a fun, quick listen. On this new EP, 겨울노래, the jazz-infused songs come across very simply. The songs really highlight the vocals and the accompanying instrumentals really follow her voice.

ravie nuage

The vocals are really good. She has a very warm melodic tone and it able to manipulate her voice in natural ways rather than focus on high pitches. Her voice is very ballad friendly and it sounds like she’s holding back a little in the recording. There isn’t a lot of variety though on the EP, she finds a lot of comfort in slower tempos and jazz or ballad style songs. It would have been interesting to hear her voice in a different style.

“이 밤이 지나면 (서교동 카페 버전)” is a live recording and it is the best song on the EP. Her voice is crisp and clear and it’s easy to hear that she can really sing. It would still be interesting to hear her in a different genre for variety, but these four songs are better than some full-lengths.

With her slower songs, Ravie Nuage may not interest many, but she’s worth giving a chance.

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