When I saw 로지피피 in November 2012, she was under the weather and having a little trouble singing. I was told that she would be releasing new music in 2013, and she has returned with Romantica. She’s been consistent on releasing new music and the EP highlights her amazing vocals.

rossypp romantica

While I saw her play with just an acoustic guitar, the EP’s first track “늦지않았길” presents her with a backing band. Her songs get a more developed sound that is even more enjoyable with the full sound. It’s more pop rock than ballad, but still allows her voice to shine. “드물게 피는 꽃” is a slower tempo song that is the style that I recognize from 로지피피. It’s a down tempo/jazz style song and the instrumentals follow her voice. As the lead, her voice is really the primary focus because of how melodic it can be.

로지피피’s voice can fit a lot of different styles and “몽상가들” is a perfect example of that. The whole EP is a great collection of similar, but different styles and her voice is hypnotic to listen to. Allowed the right amount of freedom and 로지피피’s voice can impress a lot.

Romantica is a more mature release from 로지피피, but still highlights her amazing vocals.

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