Like I said in the review, Number Nine was suggested to me by Trippersound. Since I’m always open to listening to new music, I happily agreed to take a listen to their debut album. Quickly after I finished the album, I contacted the label again to ask for an interview. I sent over the questions in Korean (translated by Claire Woo), only to find out that Dan Kim (김한성) speaks English.

number nine

Can you introduce yourselves?

Hi, we are Korean indie rock band Number Nine. Lin on guitar, Jung Yeol on drums, Kwan Young on bass guitar and Danny on vox and guitar. We are young and energetic rock n roll band.

How did you become a band?

Four of us all met on the internet which is kind of unusual way compared to other bands. We didn’t even know each other before our first practice. But luckily there wasn’t any problems such as leaving or replacement. Thanks to ourselves.

What are your influences? Or bands that influenced your music?

Books, movies, colours of houses, football, games…. I think everything could be an influence to our music. Anyway mostly from other music. The Beatles, Oasis, The Libertines, Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana …. I listen to all sorts of music.

Some people say that we’re stealing other band’s songs or riffs but I would call it an influence not a stealing or a plagiarism. We make our own music INFLUENCED by the bands above. Even if I stole their music, they won’t even know anyway.

Is it difficult to be a band in South Korea?

Money, I guess. Doing gigs every week, or selling five hundred albums doesn’t make enough money for the band. Got to do another work, but you know, I can’t blame it on anyone.

How would you describe your music?

It’s rock n roll. Mostly straight, rough, sometimes soft, and even calm sometimes. Can’t describe it in one word. If have to, i’d just say, rock n roll.

What do you think of Korean indie music becoming more popular outside of South Korea?

Very nice. there are lots of good bands in Korea such as us. I hope those bands become more popular. I think the only problem is language, gotta find the way.

Any goals for 2013?

Well…. We’ll be serving in the army in August. can’t do anything for the next two years. so we must do everything we can…hope we play some festivals this year.

Any bands you want to play with during 2013?


What’s your favorite place to play in South Korea?

Home sweeeeeeet home… we all love doing nothing at home. A bit tired of living in the busy city.

Anything to say to readers?

Hi! we are Number Nine. If you already like our music hope you like it more, and if it’s your first time hearing our name, remember it and like it. Thanks.

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It’s sad to know that Number Nine will be serving in the military this August, leaving the band in a possible hiatus for two years. The band’s music is a lot of fun to listen to and hopefully they can play one of the summer festivals before they enlist.

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