With an album title like Acoustic Movement, I was expecting something actually acoustic. Oldfish‘s first song on the album “Happy” is a electro-pop introduction track that has a chiptune/8-bit style which threw me off. Acoustic Movement gets started with the second song “Radio.”

oldfish acoustic movement

The style of Oldfish is a mixture of indie pop and synth-electro-pop. It’s a light and melodic collection of songs that don’t focus on much else than the treble scale. Oldfish finally meet their album title with “Way to Home” with acoustic guitars and vocals. It’s a big difference from his previous songs, but you can still hear how the arrangements can be applied to their electro-pop songs.

Songs move back and forth between acoustic and synth, and some songs mix the two style together. Oldfish is impressive in how he created his songs and how the styles mix together. Oldfish is an older group and their music parallels the time. The electro-pop songs are still very indie pop in his sound. The fill-length has a lot of great songs in either style.

Acoustic Movement is a great album for both electro-pop and indie pop listeners.

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